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General Information About Any Skin Care

Please note that not all soaps, lotion bars, etc. are created the same. Our products are handcrafted and our soaps, for example, are hand-cut, which is why any weight or size stated can only be an estimate. Most of our soaps will range from 3.5 ounces to 5.5 ounces, but each listing will state the approximate weight for that particular item. To make things easy, we will price the item based on the ingredients used and the weight of the smallest item. Under normal circumstances, we have no refunds, no exchange, all sales are final policy, however, any refunds given will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Also, be informed that no product returned can be re-sold. In addition, orders will not be canceled once they have been shipped, and if needed Naturally Spriggs is authorized to cancel any unshipped order as necessary. Naturally Spriggs does their best to express its soaps, etc., but if picture quality, lighting, etc. shows the product or its color to be a little different, Naturally Spriggs is not responsible. This means that no refund, nor exchange can be made based on appearance. As for scents, we use only essential oils (except when noted), so we do our best to describe the scents based on the essential oils used. No refunds will be given based on scent. Even though unscented soaps do not have any added fragrance, please note that from time to time, they may absorb the scent of other soaps curing nearby. As a side note, essential oils provide more than a nice smell. Essential oils are used for maintaining healthy skin, which may appear to maintain healing, soothing, etc. properties, so always treat essential oils will respect, since they are highly concentrated. Naturally Spriggs creates their recipes based on the owner’s sensitive skin type and filtered water, therefore, keep in mind that people have different skin types and have different water (i.e. soft, hard, etc.) in different regions. Both of these factors will affect how our handcrafted soap lathers, moisturizes, cleanses, etc. Our soaps are tested by the owner on her sensitive skin before they are sold.

Shipping & Handling (Skin Care Only):

Our shipping costs are based on USPS Priority shipping rates. Meaning, that no matter how many items you purchase, it will be one flat rate. With USPS Priority, shipping insurance is included up to $50 worth. During the summer months, especially, or any other hot weather experienced throughout the USA, shipping will have to be handled with special care. This means that orders containing soap will ship Monday through Thursday only. Orders containing lotion bars, lip balms, or any other shea butter product will ship Monday through Wednesday only. We do not want to take the chance of your products being left in a hot warehouse or truck. Even still, your soaps may arrive slightly moist to the touch or a bit soft, due to the excessive heat. The soap, lotion bars, etc. are still quite fine to use, but we do recommend storing your soaps, lotion bars, etc. in a cool, dry area. ​

Payments (Skin Care Only):

We accept credit. Purchases can be made online. To secure any order, we must receive payment from you in advance. Naturally Spriggs has the right to sell any items that have not been paid.

The Ingredients We Use (Skin Care Only):

We use olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and sustainable palm oil in most of our soaps. All soaps contain sodium hydroxide (lye). Not to worry, sodium hydroxide is neutralized during the saponification process. The soaps cannot possibly be made without the use of sodium hydroxide. Any and all soaps, at one time or another, had some sort of lye in it. We scent our soaps with only essential oils, unless fragrance oils are noted or specially ordered. Always use caution whenever using any products with essential oils. Also, make sure you are aware of essential oils and how they may affect your body or medical issues. This is especially important for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and small children. The amount, or strength, of the essential oils varies by recipe or by the essential oil itself. In addition, we strive to create natural product by using natural herbs such as colorants. Some colorants will wash with the same color as the bar of soap (i.e. brown soaps with give your bath water a brown tint). Not to worry, this is normal. From time to time, we will top some of our soaps with natural floral or herbal ingredients, like lavender buds, which usually washes off during the first wash.

Caution (Skin Care Only):

Lotion bars – Please keep lotion bars in a cool, dry place away from water. As lotion bars do not contain any preservatives to guard against water-based bacteria, mold, yeast, etc. In addition, lotion bars can last a while, up to one year, but Naturally Spriggs does not advise keeping natural products that long. If, however, you buy lotion bars in bulk, then you can keep the extra lotion bars in the freezer until you need them to guarantee freshness. Preservatives – As noted above, we do no used harmful preservatives in our products, therefore, it is advised to use the soaps within six months, but one can keep some soaps as long as a year but no longer, therefore, it is always advisable to use natural products in general as you receive them. With that said, it is advised that sugar scrubs be used within 6 months. All sugar scrubs will have a “best used by” date on the bottom of the container. Finally, always use a moisture-safe spoon if water comes in contact with the product. If water may come in contact with product, use the spoon to spoon out sugar scrubs or body butters, since they do not contain any preservatives to combat against bacteria, mold, yeast, etc. Sugar scrubs or Bath Fizzies/Bombs – Please use caution, as your tub or shower may become slippery. It is recommended that you clean your shower or tub after use to prevent slipping personally or of someone else. If at any time Naturally Spriggs products cause any type of irritation or reaction, please discontinue use. Please note that all equipment is exposed to all Naturally Spriggs ingredients such as nut butters, so please take caution when using products.

Maryland Cottage Bakery Only:

Naturally Spriggs Bread Company is pleased to offer delicious sourdough bread and treats in and throughout Maryland. As a cottage bakery in Maryland, we can only create, sell, deliver, and ship our treats in and throughout Maryland. Thank you for understanding.

*Please note: All orders placed on or before the ordering cutoff date will be ready at the time you selected. Bake days are on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so please keep that in mind when ordering. If you need to cancel an order, please do so before the ordering cutoff dates and times. Otherwise, no refunds will granted and no store credits will be granted for your order made that week. If you are not able to pick up your order, please make arrangements with us before placing your order. All orders not picked up within the allotted time will be donated. No refunds and no store credits will be granted. At this time, special delivery is not available. The exact address of the pickup location you selected will be sent to you via text the day before pickup. The exact address will be sent to you in a text to the cell number provided with your order.

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