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Naturally Spriggs

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Promoting natural, healthy skin.

I just want to go on record for saying that the all-natural lotion bars are the TRUTH! I recently has a breakout on my face. I think it was triggered by the changing weather. Anyhoo, I applied some of the lotion bar to the rough patches on my face...and BOOM! Over the course of a day or two a lot of the areas were smoothed out. I lOVE how moisturized my skin feels after I use it! Love, love LOVE all of these products!!!!


I just wanted to brag about this product. I won this and now I'm in LOVE with it. Used it once on my feet to test it out and it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Will be keeping this scrub in stock for sure!!!!! - TriciaI love it too!! It's my new favorite product by Naturally Spriggs!!


LOVE the soap AND lotion bars!!!!


My son suffers from severe acne, and the tea tree soap is the only thing that clears it


Love the coconut oil soap and lotion bars!


I love the Wintergreen Coffee Soap. I’ve gotten many many compliments on my skin since I started using this!


I love the Benonite clay soap! I have dry skin which gets really dry over winter. I also have sensitive and itchy skin. L O V E this soap I'm squeaky clean, no irritation, and it smells wonderful (also sensitive to fragrances). Love love love this soap!


This stuff should be in Walmart, Bath and Body Works. I don't go in there (Man card), but I'm assuming it should. I'm a free spokes person for these products 


This has made an impact on my skin in just a few uses...and it smells awesome. Check it out folks


We bought their soap while in DC and it is splendid. We will definitely be ordering more soap from them online.


Wonderful products! Melts into my skin. I am very pleased.


I enjoy purchasing the soap from naturally Springs; the soap leaves my skin soft. 99% of the time, I do not have to use lotion on my body after a shower. The aroma smells great in the morning and throughout the day. I will continue to buy the soap; the soap will last me for a little bit over a month before I have to re-order. Love the 5 for 20.00 soap.

Patricia J.

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