My Accidental Covid Home Birth

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Yea, you read the title correctly. I joked all through Covid of 2020 that I would have my baby at home because I was scared of all the germs at the hospital. I was just joking of course. Little did I know that joke would become my reality.

About a month before my daughter was born, we had a drive-thru baby shower outside due to the pandemic. I had cupcakes for everyone who came individually wrapped. I also had drinks, candy favors for any children who came, and soap favors for the adults.

A week before my daughter made her grand entrance, we had our pregnancy photo shoot in Annapolis, Maryland. We had our pictures done near the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland by the water.

After I arrived at the hospital and changed into my hospital gown, I had to be stitched up due to a 2nd-degree tear. That part was scary. While my midwife stitched me up, another nurse ended up holding my hand while I received my stitches. That same nurse gave me this birthday gift to help make me feel better after I got my stitches.

This is a picture of me with my baby girl a few hours after she was born. I spent much of my time by myself in the hospital due to the pandemic restrictions. Since I delivered my daughter at home, and before going outside, I left a few trails of blood throughout the house, so my husband went back home to clean up and get some rest. The hospital bed that was provided for my husband this time around was very uncomfortable for my husband.

We did not get much footage of this whole at-home birth experience, but we did capture this picture after we returned home from the hospital. This is the location of my daughter’s delivery.

Watch the below video for the whole birth story…

Accidental At Home Covid Birth Story Video

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